- The DOJO -

Typical Lesson: (1 hour)
Enter the Dojo and "Bow in"
Warm-up activity (Cardio & Strength training)
Stretching & Flexibility exercises
Lesson (may include)
- Drills
- Karate Kata practice
- Kumite (contact & Sparring)
- Bunkai (Defensive techniques)
- Games
- Weapons
Line-up, Announcements & "Bow-out, Exit

Dojo Fees: (Yearly Sept - June)
Individual $250
Family $500
First Karate uniform is free.

Mondays & Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Sensei Other times/Days may be arranged subject to Sensei Andrew's availability.
dojo group

Gradings occur when the Sensei sees a student achieving a certain level of Karate ability.
In the lower belts, typically that takes about thirty hours per belt.
In the higher belts, the time-frame may be between six months and a year.
Belt fees are included in the Dojo fees.